Man chases burglar out of Dorchester home; may be be linked to other recent break-ins

Boston Police report they are investigating at least six housebreaks over the past ten days in Dorchester. In the first five, the burglar broke into houses without anybody apparently noticing. Around 7:45 p.m. yesterday, however, a resident of 32 Glenrose Rd. found a guy inside his house:

The victim chased him out of his home and down the street, where he observed the suspect jump into a Blue Ford Expedition with a partial Massachusetts Registration ***KP1, which was being operated by Suspect #2.

Police say the bolder of the two was a white Hispanic male, about 6' tall and 175 lbs. He was wearing a backpack at the time. The driver was a dark-skinned black male, police say.

Other break-ins:

  • 26 Crockett Ave., by way of the back door, June 17
  • 12 Fossdale Rd., by way of the back door, June 17
  • 4 Shenandoah St., by way of the basement door, June 21
  • 28 Burgoyne St., by way of a kitchen window, June 24
  • 32 Laban Pratt Rd., by way of the back door, June 26