Marlboro man charged with trying to force woman off street and into prostitution at gunpoint in Revere

A Marlboro man was arrested yesterday on charges he pointed a loaded gun at a woman he saw walking down the street and forced her into his Jaguar in an attempt to get her to start turning tricks for him, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charges.

Jean Doresca, 26, was arraigned today on charges of armed kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, witness intimidation, and a violating a municipal ordinance violation against carrying a knife with a blade longer than 2½ inches. He was not charged with illegal gun possession, the DA's office says, because he had licenses for both the Kahr CM9 9mm semiautomatic handgun he allegedly pointed at the victim and the Ishapore .308 caliber rifle recovered from his car.

Police did seize the gun, the rifle and a box of ammo, the DA's office says.

According to the DA's office, his victim said she was just walking down Broadway last night, when Doresca pulled over.

She reported to police that Doresca pointed a handgun at her and instructed her to get in the car, prosecutors said.

At one point, as Doresca drove the victim through Revere and Chelsea, the defendant took the victim’s phone but returned it upon hearing that the victim’s father would call police if she did not answer when he called, prosecutors said. The victim also alleged that Doresca told her that she would have to work for him as a prostitute, prosecutors said. The victim was able to secretly text her father for help and was released near her home; text messages reviewed by officers suggested that the victim had texted her father asking urgently for help.

Police did not get involved in the case until a Revere officer on routine patrol noticed two cars coming towards him at a high rate of speed - one Doresca's 2010 Jaguar, the other a car driven by the victim's father.

According to the DA's office, Doresca claimed the woman went willingly, that he had pulled over to give her a lift to Hyde Park based on a phone call from a relative and that he never pointed a gun at him.

The DA's office says the victim was able to accurately describe the gun.

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With the rest of the criminals there. Forcing women into prostitution at gunpoint is not acceptable behavior in this country.

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