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The mayor likes red nail polish and margaritas, but not that much

The Globe reports that late yesterday, Mayor Menino appeared to make a startling confession on Twitter:

Ballot 799 in North End. Almost skipped this one for margs but civic duty won. #toohottovote #masen.

It was accompanied by a photo of a bright-red nail atop an "I Voted" sticker.

Political cognoscenti, of course, promptly suspected an errant tweet from one of the City Hall minions who post under the mayor's name - everybody knows he lives in Hyde Park. Sure enough, not long after, hizzona (or a chastened social-media minion) tweeted:

Though I love the red nail polish & the civic engagement, I voted in Hyde Park today. Earlier tweet not my own. #itsnevertoohottovote

In the words of another Massachusetts politician: Bqhatevwr.

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Who really writes in this medium for the Mayor?... a public records request for relevant documents could turn up the details.

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old fart knows how to use the internet let alone Twitter you might want to walk into oncoming traffic. But then again i bet most of you owned "pet rocks."

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I don't think anyone thought he does his own tweets. I don't think anyone expects the MBTA GM does her own tweets, either. In fact, I suspect incredibly few high profile people ever do anything for themself on social media.

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"In fact, I suspect incredibly few high profile people ever do anything for themselves."


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