DA: Former Bromley-Heath resident was on probation for gun charges when he shot Jamaica Plain man to death

PerezPerezYerri Perez, 21, of Medford, is scheduled for arraignment today in Roxbury District Court for the shooting death of Edward Villalona on Minden Street on March 31, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Police, who had sought him as a fugitive, arrested him yesterday, the DA's office says, adding the investigation into Villalona's death continues.

The DA's office reports that at the time of the murder, Perez was on probation for a gun-related conviction.

On April 30, 2010, while living at Bromley-Heath, Perez was arrested/a> after police found him walking around Mozart Park off Centre Street while packing a "a semi-automatic Walther P38 loaded with eight 9mm rounds."

He was convicted and sentenced to 18 months behind bars on Jan. 7, 2011, followed by two years' probation, the DA's office says.

UPDATE: Ordered held without bail, DA says:

Assistant District Attorney Daniel Mulhern, chief of the DA’s Gang unit, told Roxbury District Court Judge Ernest Sarason that Perez and Villalona were known to one another and had even been friends, but that Perez shot him dead during a confrontation in the area of 104 Minden St. shortly before 8:30 that evening.

Mulhern said Perez circled the area in a Ford Flex sport-utility vehicle prior to the shooting. The weapon was recovered the next morning in the playground of an Evergreen Street day care center.

Innocent, etc.





I used to take my little brother to play in Mozart Park

By on

on Centre St., when I was a teenager. Had to stop because of the loitering thugs and syringes.

Bromley Heath is a few blocks away. The violence and mayhem that emanates out of that projects is a curse on the neighborhood. When anything bad happened on our street [which was almost everyday], it always had to do with 'kids' from the projects.

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Is that short for Yerome, Yerald or Yeramiah?

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