Media moguls meet, mull mutual matters, Morrissey move

CommonWealth reports Herald owner Pat Purcell paid a visit to John Henry's Brookline manse to offer his condolences give his regards, to see if there are any further ways the two media outlets could work together (the Globe already prints the Herald) and, maybe, to caution about possibly moving the Globe's printing operations from Morrissey Boulevard to the Telegram and Gazette printing plant in Millbury that Henry says he won't sell along with the rest of the T&G. The move would open up the large Globe property to redevelopment, of course.




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Morrissey Boulevard has a

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Morrissey Boulevard has a snow ball's chance in hull to remain in the printing business. Purcell will have to just roll with Henry's presses , or go look at some old factory down by Taunton and set himself back up into the printing end of things. Maybe he will have to buy the T & G to create a critical mass necessary to sustain the printing. Otherwise he is a captive customer to Henry's whims.

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