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Michael Graham: "It's Open Season on Black Boys" Hate.

Right wing radio host Michael Graham has a photo of George Zimmerman as the avatar on his twitter account. The picture he chose was the one taken by police after George shot and killed Trayvon Martin, presumptively in self-defense, on February 26, 2012. Why?

It could be that Graham admires Zimmerman, more likely that Zimmerman is a symbol for a cause Graham supports but what? Is Graham a supporter of "unjustly accused" armed neighborhood watch people who "unfairly" stand trial for killing unarmed 16 year-old boys? Or maybe Graham's cause is less about Zimmerman and more about politics. If it is politics, than it's likely wanker Michael Graham is trolling. Graham spends a lot of time and energy trolling, so much so, you might think trolling is a movement conservative's national pastime.

Today, Michael Graham tweets about "Open Season on Black Boys" hate.


Aside from whether you agree with Sanford Florida jury's verdict that George Zimmerman is not guilty of 2nd degree murder or manslaughter for killing unarmed Trayvon Martin by shooting him in the heart, why is Graham tweeting about "Open Season on Black Boys" hate? My money is on the assessment that Graham is trolling and race-baiting for politics and I don't find that to be a constructive contribution to a debate about justice in America and issues such as who gets the presumption of innocence, and who has the right of self-defense.


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And he may actually be nothing more than a race-baiting right-wing ideologue, but in this case, he's trying to make the case that state Sen. Jamie Eldridge is the race baiter by linking to a Guardian article that says the Zimmerman verdict means open season on black boys. It's a fine line, perhaps, especially when dealing with Orwellesque logic of declaring somebody like Jamie Eldridge a racist, but no sense giving that side more to rant about.

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But rather challenging him on why he made the race-baiting statement "open season on black boys", which is indeed race-baiting at it's most primal form.

The original poster doesn't have anything other than whiney commentary to offer. Nothing rebutting a single word or point of Graham's. The OP also doesn't even have to stones to be other than 'anonymous'. What a sad little coward.

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Seriously?? That tweet was questioning why Mass Senator Jamie Eldridge was tweeting about it being open season on black boys. I love how this "Anonymous" author does not give ANY background on this tweet at all. Nothing like skipping the facts and twisting things up to make a non liberal into a racist. Why isn't this "Anonymous" author questioning the Senator Jamie Eldrige on his racist statement??? This article is pathetic.

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