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More trouble for celebrichef Todd English

The Boston Business Journal reports fellow superchef Mario Batali might not be opening his planned pizza joint on Summer Street in Fort Point after all.

The possible non-opening would not be good news for English because three weeks ago, his lawyer told the Boston Licensing Board he was hoping to sell the license for his long closed Kingfish Hall to Batali, which would help him pay off his suing creditor - the current operator of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which got a court order in June attaching roughly $2 million in English assets - including the Kingfish Hall liquor license - to help persuade English to settle up on an outstanding $1 million in back rent.

Phew. Oh, and the reason English's lawyer, Dennis Quilty, was before the licensing board is because holders of liquor licenses in Boston are not supposed to just sit on them without actually using them.


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isn't it technically City property? As such, why shouldn't the City just reclaim the license if it's sat idle for so long. And then sell it to the next person who applies for it - and get a big chunk of revenue out of it as well!

Oh wait - that solution smacks too much of common sense for the Licensing Board. Never mind.

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