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More Turkish food coming to downtown

Sultan's Kitchen and the Boston Kebab House will soon be joined by a third Turkish takeout place, in the alley next to Old City Hall.

Osman Kiramoglu, who started the Boston Kebab House, told the Boston Licensing Board this morning he wants to branch out at 8 City Hall Ave. - with Cafe Hemshin. Kiramoglu is seeking hours of 6 a.m to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The board votes tomorrow on his request for a food-serving license.


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Oooh, love Sultan's Kitchen. So, right now my fantasy Boston Street would include: Windsor Button, a T station (because you gotta get there, right?) Sultan's Kitchen, the Coffee Connection, and Santarpios. I'm trying to think of which bar I would stick in there.

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Is Cafe De Boston run by the same people as Boston Kebab House (Kiramoglu)? There's an awful lot of similarities between the two.

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