New Hyde Park grill: Decent food, could use more beer, wine choices

Mike Ball checked out the Fairmount Grill and says if you liked Townsends, which it replaces, you'll feel at home here. But its ale and wine lists are not as extensive as Townsends, he adds.



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Craft Beers

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I talked to the owner today (over Facebook) and he insisted that their craft beer selection and wine list will be improving as time goes along. So far there are some good choices:

Bellhaven Scottish Ale
Wasatch Ghost Rider IPA
Clown Shoes Clementine Ale
Anchor Steam Summer
Boulevard Tank 7

for starters.

I'll be checking the place out this weekend.

Sad to see the back deck is not open yet.

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Barstool warmers

I'll lobby for more ales too. Townsend's set a high bar at the bar there.

In addition, will this become City Council President Steve Murphy's evening office as well? He and now-wife Bridget were pleasant companions noshing and tossing at the bar.

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All's right

The natural order is being restored. Steve Murphy tells me that he and Bridget have taken up their old stools at not-Townsend's. Ahhh.

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