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No More Names Rally Against Gun Violence at Faneuil Hall in Boston

In a national drive to reduce gun violence, No More Names, a project of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, began a nationwide tour on June 14 in Newtown CT on the six-month anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

At today's rally at Faneuil Hall in Boston, speakers included Rev. Kim Odom, whose son Steven was 13 when he was shot and killed in Dorchester in 2007, Mayor Tom Menino and Senator Elizabeth Warren.


For more information about No More Name, see www.NoMoreNames.org.


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Boston cannot be free until the scourge of illegal guns, sold and re-sold for profit, ends. And that requires that illegal guns purchased in weak gun law states become ever more rare after a national background check system is implemented.

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They actually read the name of people killed by guns!!! That's prejudicial. People get killed by hammers and a cars, too. Is anyone trying to outlaw hammers and cars?

We should hold a rally to protest people driving the car killing machines and outlaw them. Bring your hammer to work and bash someone over the head with it. See the the government infringes your rights.

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