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No relief for people needing Thai food after the bars close in Allston

A Cambridge Street Thai restaurant has changed its request for a later closing time from 3 a.m. to 1 a.m.

The Boston Licensing Board now considers whether to let A@Time extend its serving times from the current 11 p.m. At a hearing today, a restaurant co-owner said he cut back the proposed closing time after meeting with the executive board of the Allston Civic Association, which said it could support 1 a.m.

The board sets hours for Boston restaurants and must approve any requests to stay open later.



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I still can't believe a licensing board gets to approve or deny the hours your business gets to be open.

Whether or not your business meets the qualifiations to be open? Sure. The hours you get to be open? Ridiculous.

How does this get changed? This is the kind of horseshit that ensures that Boston will remain The City That Sleeps Too Much.

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That would reduce opportunities for graft!

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Do these limitations apply to businesses other than bars and restaurants? Eg, if I want to open a 24-hour bookstore, or clothing retailer, or tattoo parlor, do I need to beg and scrape before the Board?

(Knowing MA, I'm sure there's no easy answer...)

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