Nstar cables are like MacArthur Park: They're melting in the dark

From West Roxbury to East Boston, Nstar cables and transformers failed last night, plunging residents into steamy darkness.

"Faulty equipment" sparked an outage in the Centre Street corridor from West Roxbury into Jamaica Plain last night.

On Prescott Street in East Boston, Kathy Bui reports power went out around midnight, finally came back around 5:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, people are beginning to die.



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Power outages

For two nights in a row (Friday and Saturday) our electricity went out for a couple of hours, once around 2 in the morning and once around 11:30 at night. NStar claimed this was due to "reliability improvement work" or something like that -- I wasn't very awake either time. This was in Dorchester but seemed pretty localized. The next street over had lights.

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Must be a day with a "y" in it.

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I've had more power outages in Eastie than any other place I've ever lived, including rural PA, rural NY, and a small island in Nova Scotia.

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