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OK, fine, you want to know why you can't get coffee at the Union Square farmers' market?

Apparently, Union Square Main Streets, which runs the market, keeps getting asked. So they're telling you it has nothing to do with a bias against the city's caffeinated masses. It's because the market's goal is to promote local brick-and-mortar businesses, and none of the local coffee sellers (including the local Dunkin' Donuts) has chosen to get a stall.

To meet the goal of supporting as many Union Square businesses as possible, as fairly as possible, we ask market visitors to take a stroll outside the market and choose for themselves whether to visit Sherman, Bloc 11, Fortissimo or Dunkin for their morning joe.


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They also sell coffee, and are across Bow Street from Bloc 11.

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I love the Union Square Farmers Market, and I'm surprised that this was asked about so much that it required its own blog post. If anyone actually lived in the neighborhood and knew anything about the surrounding 500 feet they would know that there were many options for a cup of coffee (all highlighted here). Why they'd need one right there is beyond me, other than because of sheer laziness.

I'd wonder the same thing if people were asking for a taco stand (two Mexican places within throwing distance) or sandwich maker (delis and lunch counters galore). Odd.

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