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Orange Line shut when electrical line catches fire at Tufts Medical Center stop

Smoky Tufts platform. Photo by BFD.

A fire in an electrical room just beyond the inbound platform at Tufts Medical Center brought the Orange Line to an abrupt end this morning.

The Boston Fire Department reports a 15,000-volt line began to smolder around 10:10 a.m. Firefighters had to bring in dry-powder extinguishers to put out the fire - and several "smoke ejectors" to clear the smoke out of the station.

The station was turned back to the T around 11:50 a.m. Service on the Orange Line resumed shortly after noon - although the Tufts Medical Center stop remained shut.

Tufts Medical Center itself remained open.

The platform (photo by BFD):

Tufts in the smoke



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Will they be cashing in with an "MBTA - Catching Fire" promotion? Could be a big help with budget issues...

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A very dangerous and scary situation being underground as toxic smoke fills the station. A lot of people were coughing from the smoke and I 'm sure they will be sick tonight. The Firefighters, Police and T workers were doing their best to evacuate the stations. I'm sure T management will report the fire was minor and no one was hurt but a minor fire in the underground could turn into a major disaster.

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I wonder what it is going to take for the EPA to sue the MBTA for exposing commuters to toxic air quality on a daily basis. The amount of lead, metal shavings, petrol products, asbestos, PCBs, and other airborne carcinogens would get any other factory or facility shut down as a hazardous environment.

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