Pedestrian struck and killed on 128 south in Newton

In rush hour at exit 21 by the service area. Mike Moura reports two lanes southbound and one northbound are shut for the investigation.

UPDATE: State Police report:

Preliminary investigation indicates that the victim, an 18-year-old man, was apparently crossing the highway on foot at approximately 6:30 a.m. when he was struck by a motor vehicle on the northbound side of the highway, thrown across the median into the southbound side, and struck again on that side of the highway. He was determined to be deceased at the scene. State Police are in the process of making notifications to next-of-kin. Because that process is ongoing, we will not release any further information – including the victim's name, hometown, and why he was at that location – at this time. As of this point, no charges have been filed.



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update - its sad

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poor kid worked at the honey dew at the rest stop.... if you know the area there are a few shortcuts, even then with the on/off ramps exits good chance youll get clipped... hr didnt know the shortcuts so just leaped accross the highway.. frogger in real time ! how did he get the job did
someone drive him there? how can you get to work w/o a car? cant
afford a cab all the time with newton rates. hes from malden...
im in somerville... theres one on eastern ave near melrose and a few in wakefield...

he was prob.. transferred - without transportation to different
locations... dd does it all the time... and now its cost a 18 yr old kid his life!!! they were saddened... if they really cared they should have picked him up and dropped him at woodland station...

i think im gonna cry.. shit!

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Try to use google maps to map

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Try to use google maps to map walking, biking, or public transit directions from anywhere (e.g. Riverside T Station) to "Honey Dew Donuts near Newton, MA". It is not possible.

He had no choice.

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RIP reishaun hopkins

The economy for regular people is so bad that a Malden teenager has to go all the way to Newton to work at a donut shop? I feel sorry for the whole stinking world. Seriously.

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