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Phoenix goes out with a whimper

Phoenix boxes being collected

Jill watched yesterday as some guy went down Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, hauling away Phoenix boxes.

You can read articles from what would have been this week's issue on the Phoenix site (scroll past the big box where the PDF of the print issue would have been).

But wait, bonus extra good news that's so marvelous we can hardly stand it! Ron Newman alerts us that while the money-losing news and arts stuff is gone, the sex ads in the back live on!

No worries - BOSTON AT NITE IS HERE TO STAY! You can still pick up your free copy of Boston's best adult listings every Thursday in the big black box!

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be maintaining that strong pimp hand of his. Hopefully this will be a new chapter in the careers of Carly Carioli and Chris Faraone. Why, if Faraone stays on with BAD ( after Nick Denton has assuredly laughed in his face already) he can take pride in knowing he's in the company of some of the finest journalists whose work can also be found in little black boxes all up and down the Vegas strip and parts of Times Square!

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The cover headline is "TOO BIG TO FAIL".
The story is here: Mrs. Warren Goes to Washington, by David Bernstein

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