Police: Arlington man breaks into JP church

Boston Police report arresting Joe Maloof, 31, on charges he broke into St. Aquinas Church, 95 South St., early this morning.

Police say officers arriving around 3:10 a.m. found "a broken window on the basement level, a shovel on the ground near the window and interior lights on inside the church. Rather than rummage through the church, officers summoned Nico the crime dog, who in quick order located Maloof. He was then charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime and possession of heroin.

Innocent, etc.




Why a church in J.P. 2 3AM?

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1) Druggie [dope/heroin]
2) Lives in Arlington or last known official address in Arlington

Is he now homeless or something and hanging out in Boston, where he does his sh*t?

Is this near where he gets his sh*t, so it's just a target out of easy opportunity?

I'm curious.

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