Police say Jamaica Plain gunman is really chatty

Boston Police report the man who held up a teacher inside the Eliot School around 6 p.m. on Wednesday spent an hour inside the adult-education school beforehand chatting with everybody he saw - including his victim:

Prior to the robbery, the victim observed the suspect walking around the inside the school for approximately an hour, used the bathroom, asked the victim what classes he taught and spoke to numerous people in the school. The victim stated he was talking on his cell phone as he was walking downstairs when the suspect pulled out a black handgun from his pants and stated "Tell your girlfriend you will call her back". The suspect then stated, "Give me what you got." The victim gave the suspect his wallet containing money and his iPhone, then fled out the front door toward Dunster Road.

The following night, the guy returned to the area and held up another man walking by the school around 8 p.m., police say:

The suspect took the victims wallet and cell phone and demanded his ATM password. The suspect stated "Don't give me the wrong number because I know where you live and I'll come back." The victim complied and gave the suspect the correct password. The suspect ordered the victim to leave the area, displayed the gun and stated, "Run".

Police say his ATM card was used at an ATM on Blue Hill Avenue around 8:40 p.m.

Police describe the gunman as black, around 6'1" and wearing a gray hoodie.





Where is the ATM footage!?

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C'mon, BPD. Where's the ATM footage?

$50 says they know exactly who it is and he's a gang informant or something.

Where's a sketch of what the guy looks like, given he talked to so many people for so long?

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If they know who it is ...

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... perhaps they are not inclined to broadcast that fact to the individual whom they are trying to apprehend, including by putting his picture on the evening news.

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