Police, Secret Service investigate credit-card fraud in Allston; Blanchard's was involved

Yesterday, Boston Reddit users started exchanging reports of their credit-card accounts being used for fraudulent purchases - with many of them realizing the one thing they all had in common was having bought something at Blanchard's on Harvard Avenue.

Today, the Globe reports authorities are investigating and that Blanchard's acknowledged that yes, it was involved somehow but that it's cleared up the problem, whatever it was.





Why does anyone still shop there again?

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I stopped going to Blanchard's after the surveillance video surfaced showing the owner stomping on a dog cage with a dog in it.

It seems like it was a good call now that this story broke.

So, it seems like they should be planning to go out of business soon, right? I mean the owner abused a dog and now customers are getting their credit cards ripped off just because they bought something. How much more has to happen to you as a consumer before you refuse to solicit a business?

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Allston turns over

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Blanchard's puppy stomping incident was 4-5 years ago, so pretty much everyone who shopped there at the time has graduated. It's mostly a college-kid store, and college kids have short memories because they graduate and leave Boston, or at least move out of Allston Village.

The fake ID bulletin board and ads for boxed wine and 30-racks leads me to believe there's not much in there for more discerning adults. Brookline Liquor Mart and Comm Ave Wine and Spirits seem to have that market cornered.

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