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RIP Wayne Wilson, Democratic Activist

Wayne Wilson was a good man who passed away on November 15, 2013. Wayne was a resident of Ward 19 in Jamaica Plain and was a hardcore Progressive Democrat who was traveling around his State Senate District visiting the local Democrats in effort to challenge Mike Rush for the Senate seat in the September 9, 2014 Democratic Primary. Wayne was very active in local Democratic politics. I last saw him on November 12, 2013 at the Ward 19 Democrats where he was an active member in Karen Paine's organization.

Wayne also was very well known and well respected. He is followed by a huge twitter audience of 1500 plus followers. Wayne also actively read and participated in universalhub.com. That night at the Ward 19 Democratic meeting, Wayne brought with him newly elected District 5 City Councilor Tim McCarthy of Hyde Park as a guest. Wayne also spoke that night too about how he wanted to help be that progressive voice for the public.

In the time I knew Wayne Wilson here in Boston, he was very genuine and fought for what he believed in and he did succeed by being an active progressive voice for his neighbors and fellow Democrats. May Wayne Wilson rest in peace and please pray for his family over this holiday season.