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RootsCamp MA - A 2-Day Progressive Un-Conference

Building on the success of 2012 RootsCamp DC and 2010 RootsCamp MA, this progressive “unconference” will take place the weekend of April 6-7 at SEIU 1199 in Dorchester. The RootsCamp MA Organizing Committee, a grassroots group of community organizers and activists, invites you to attend and connect with a diverse and inclusive group of activists from across the state.

What is RootsCamp MA? A unique space and opportunity for progressive organizers to come together, employing a simple and participatory “unconference” model that allows organizers focused on different issues to meet and debrief in a way that promotes shared learning and engagement. Rather than traditional panels or PowerPoints, participants set the agenda and have real live conversations about valuable organizing lessons taken from the field, both online and offline. Attendees have the opportunity to establish lasting new partnerships with organizers from all over the state. This model, first launched in 2006 by the New Organizing Institute, has proven very successful across the country. Learn more at www.bit.ly/rootscampma.

Who should attend RootsCamp MA? Change agents and progressives of all stripes, from across Massachusetts, who have lessons to share, more to learn, or campaigns and projects to move forward. Whether you consider yourself a "progressive" or simply work on an issue or matter that moves our country forward, add your voice and perspective -- help shape and take ownership over RootsCamp MA.

Tickets: $20 - includes breakfast, lunch and snacks both days (limited number of $10 tickets available). Purchase at www.rootscampma13.eventbrite.com.

Sponsorship levels: $500, $250 and $100.
Sponsors make it possible for us to keep the ticket price accessible. Benefits detailed at www.rootscampma13.eventbrite.com.

How is it organized? It's an "unconference" - meaning YOU get to present a session without having to submit a proposal ahead of time. The whole point of RootsCamp MA is for local organizers to own and drive the conversation. It's the only conference this year where you are guaranteed to have a chance to talk about what YOU want to talk about. It's part reflection: a candid environment to share what's working and what isn't. It's also a chance to get to know each other better and plan the year ahead.

This is an attendee-driven event, where everyone who shows up has a chance to share their experience and knowledge relating to progressive issues, campaigns, and strategies.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors (list in formation):

Gold Sponsors
ACLU Massachusetts
Socializing for Justice
The NonProfit Center
Tufts Peace & Justice Studies

Learn more about RootsCamp MA at http://www.bit.ly/rootscampma.
Purchase tickets or sponsorships at www.rootscampma13.eventbrite.co..



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