Roslindale murder victim identified

Carly Jones. SourceSourceBoston Police today identified the woman shot to death on Tuesday at 28 Fawndale Rd. as Carly Jones, 32.

She was Boston's third murder victim of the year.

Police say they are continuing to investigate her murder.

Anybody with information can contact the BPD homicide unit at 617-343-4470 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463).



Carly Jones life was cut short with gun violence

Our country is awash in guns and because the media covers gun massacres and the public is aware and disgusted, we have a chance to do something about it.

Consider spending some of your time advocating for gun safety.


Right here in the Commonwealth, there are two plans to improve gun safety, one by Rep David Linsky, and one by Gov. Deval Patrick. In Washington, the president and Joe "f*cking" Biden have a proposal as does Sen. Diane Feinstein and others in the house and Senate. Let your legislators know you care about this issue.

Click on the link for the website, facebook, and twitter feed;


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another murder...

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I'm guessing this ain't A licenced gun. What the heck can be done? Heroin is really really illegal too, with lotsa harsh punishments for use distribution etc... but its still all over the place.

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Most of us just ignore Anonymous now.

The gun used in this murder is most likely unlicensed, stolen from someone, and has no serial number.

The proposed David Linsky gun liability bill also shows no promise if you can't link a gun to an owner. So in this case, the family will have no way of knowing who to sue since the serial number, most likely, has been removed.

Gun bans will also make it harder for guns to be obtained, but not impossible. In countries where guns are hard to obtain legally, illegal manufacturing shops have been setup.

Any silversmith is also fully capable of manufacturing gun parts. Paladin Press even offers books on gunsmithing for those interested (Google that one yourself, I don't want it in my internet logs).

Anyone with a lathe is also fully capable of making their own bullets. There are also books on this subject.

So Anonymous means well, but if someone wants a gun, they're going to get a gun. If they can't, and want to do something bad, they'll resort to other means, like this guy who held up a store with a hand grenade:

I'd like to see more done to help people who are prone to commit violent crimes. This feeling isn't limited to just gun violence, but all violence.

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you can place all the bands

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you can place all the bands that you want on guns it will not change the fact that the life of a mother, sister, friend, daughter, was taken ... may your soul rest in piece carly

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