Save Susan Tran

The Channel 7 reporter has been stationed on Plum Island since yesterday. This morning, she reported from a porch that had waves crashing into its base as debris from destroyed neighboring houses floated out to sea.

Then her signal went dead. Anchor Adam Williams then assured viewers: "Our crews don't stand in areas that are dangerous or are susceptible to any damage."

We learned 30 or so minutes later that Tran was safe, as she reported - by phone - that she had moved to a new location. In fact, she was inside, inside a house whose owner assured her it was designed to handle these conditions. Then she casually mentioned she was hearing "booming" from where waves and debris from destroyed houses were crashing into the house's foundations. Williams asked if she was sure she was safe.


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Salt water facial

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please tell me you all heard her use the phrase "it's like getting a salt water facial" last night

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