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Six years ago today: Mr. Butch's final ride

Mr. Butch

Around 8 a.m. on July 12, 2007, Mr. Butch, the mayor of Allston, was driving his scooter down Brighton Avenue when hit a light pole. He was 56 and left a large community of people who knew him from his time on the streets of Allston and, before he was exiled after BU yuppified it, Kenmore Square.

Christopher Arthur took this picture of Mr. Butch - who graduated Berklee - and later turned it into a painting on the last suitcase he carried.

More photos and video at The Mr. Butch Show.

Memorial march. Photo by Ben Sisto, used under this Creative Commons license.Memorial march. Photo by Ben Sisto, used under this Creative Commons license.

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I know Butch would've appreciated this.

"Live life as you love it; love life as you live it."

Mister Butch (also etched into a sidewalk on Chester street in memorium)

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is the year wrong, or just your math?

6 years ago, and it occurred in 2006... seems like that would be 7 years ago

i think it should be 2007

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Fixed, thanks.

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Big up Mr. Butch.

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