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Somebody steals faucets from South End, Fenway community gardens

The Berkeley Community Garden reports on a faucet theft sometime yesterday or early today:

The gates were found locked in the morning, so we're assuming someone hopped over the Alley fence to do the damage. Every tap except the two near tremont were removed - we assume visibility kept them from those taps. There wasn't much metal in the plumbing (minimal copper and brass), but scrap value is the only motive we can think of. This looks like more than just vandalism. Nothing else in the garden appears damaged.

Mike Mennonno at the Fenway Victory Gardens reports the same thing happened there last week:

A large number of brass faucets in our irrigation system were stolen, along with piping. It's a lot of work to repair.



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Radical watershed activists taking direct action to protect our precious natural resources?

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They'd be out destroying the sewer overflows in the Fens and along the Charles.

Much more effective.

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