Something fishy in East Boston


We did not set out to explore Harbor Arts' Shipyard Gallery in East Boston today. We just wanted some Australian meat pies.

Sampling one of these treats was one of the few things on the kidlet's summer to-do list. This morning, we picked up one of her friends, hied ourselves to Forest Hills and got on the Orange Line - on which we promptly discovered that Cuppa Coffee near North Station is closed on Saturdays. Ah, but fortunately, there's a KO Meat Pies in South Boston, so we transferred to the Red Line, rode over to Broadway, walked a couple of blocks - and discovered that place is closed on Saturdays, too.

One last option in this Australian-meat-pie-deprived city: The other KO, in East Boston. Fortunately, it was open, so after rides on three-quarters of the T subway system and a walk down Marginal Street (with the all important stop in the Piers Park spray pool), we got to sample Australian meat pies. And they were good and quickly all gone.

A KO meat pie

Our hunger dealt with, we could now spend more time looking at all the unusual, and in some cases, really large, artworks in the Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina in which KO is located. Such as this lady of the sea, at the opposite end of the shipyard from the giant cod:


One artist apparently was thinking of East Boston after Greenland melts:

Eastie underwater

Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3:

Wicker traffic light

Despite some new uses, such as an Australian meat-pie place and an auto-body shop, much of the shipyard is still a working shipyard, where you can watch boats being built and ships being repaired or stored:

Ship at the shipyard

And, of course, a working shipyard means having to be careful:


Scissors warning

At one end of the shipyard, you can easily evade the watchman, since he's busy keeping cool on a warm day:

Watchman with ice cream

Getting there:

The shipyard does have some parking, but if you take the Blue Line to Maverick and then walk down Marginal Street, you'll also get to spend some time enjoying Piers Park, which has great views of the harbor and downtown. In fact, you could get some KO meat pies to go and bring them over to the park for a picnic (also off Marginal: The start of Boston's other Greenway, featuring an old Conrail caboose).




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Just look at South Boston

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There's a great example of the inexorable yuppification of the neighborhood at Broadway and A: On one corner, Amrheins, which has been there forever in an equally ancient building. And right across the street, a brand-new building with a liquor store that prominently advertises its "curated craft beers."

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Water taxi

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is a great way to get to the shipyard on a nice day.

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Love the cod!

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Great post, Adam.

I was working around there in '08 and met a gentle man working on it. Can't recall his name but he was really friendly and let us into his shop to look around and answered all of our questions.

I believe he told us that the sculpture was eventually to be placed on a barge and sailed over to somewhere across the harbor in Boston.

This is indeed a cool area with great views and an interesting place to spend some time.

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I love the East Boston Marina

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I miss Scup's, which occupied that space before K.O.
And Piers Park = amazing!
For even more fun, the water taxi will pick you up from the marina and take you across the harbor to whatever stop you want, like Aquarium.

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Harbor Arts rocks!!

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Harbor Arts Is a truly unbelievable spot! Along with amazing sculptures and art, there are tons of great events thrown here! The big end if the summer festival takes up the pier with amazing food , free beer, music and incredible art! Mathew Pollock, who runs Harbor Arts, is all about promoting art throughout Eastie, and pours his heart and soul into Harbor Arts. He works hard, is one if the kindest and most enthusiastic people I've ever met and has lots of ideas for future events to be held at the shipyard. Many more great things to come from Harbor Arts! One of my favorite places to visit when in Eastie ( not to mention some of the best views of the city).

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Never had a problem finding

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Never had a problem finding parking right next to KO. I live right around the corner on Sumner but sometimes I'm just picking up pies at the end of a day of other errands and as long as I'm already in the car...

And yes, "yoga at the shipyard" is already a thing and doggie bakeries cannot be far behind. Oh well. I will take consolation in the fact that I can continue to live in Boss-Tin for a few years longer, at least.

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