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Sox seek to expand liquor, beer sales at Fenway Park

The Red Sox want to expand the number of stands inside Fenway Park that can serve up hard liquor - and to extend beer sales at games that run long.

The team is scheduled to appear before the Boston Licensing Board on Wednesday to seek several amendments in its current liquor license for Fenway and Yawkey Way.

The Sox want to increase the number of concession stands that can sell mixed drinks with no more than an ounce of actual liquor in them from the five approved in 2011 to eight - including one on Yawkey Way.

Of course, what good's a mini-bar on Yawkey Way without trying to maximize booze sales? So the team wants permission to sell alcohol on the street whenever it's closed off - not just for Sox games as at present, but for concerts and other non-baseball events.

The team also wants to add to the amount of time it can offer alcohol during long games. Currently, alcohol sales have to stop at the bottom of the seventh or two hours after the start of a game, whichever comes first. Under the team's proposal, that would change to just the end of the seventh inning - potentially giving attendees at drawn out games more time to quench their thirst.

And you know those aluminum Bud bottles that kept getting advertised during the World Series? The Sox also want permission to sell those, in addition to beer in plastic cups.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.

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Interesting coming just after they secured a no bid permanent lease (free after 10 years) on Yawkey Way that they are expanding alcohol sales there. Too bad Menino gave them such a sweetheart deal with no revenue sharing, since the calcualtions were based on baseball game days and less alcohol sales than this is going to give them.

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Good to know in advance that their cocktails will be watered down and not worth buying. 1 oz isn't even a full serving of liquor, 1.5 is. A cocktail with 1 oz of liquor in it is equivalent to an 8 oz beer or a 6.5 oz IPA. I'm sure they'll be several dollars more for the privilege.

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1.25 oz = 12 oz of malt= 4 oz of wine.

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