Steel stolen; stealers stopped

A pair of alleged thieves in East Boston proved no match for the mettle of Boston and Chelsea coppers, who arrested them on charges they stole galvanized steel from an East Boston marina.

Allegedly unfortunately for Bryan Narbonne, 27, of Braintree, and local boy Brandon Ferris, 27, somebody noticed them breaking into the White Marine yard Saturday morning and then loading a U-Haul truck with "custom galvanized steel."

Though they were gone by the time officers got to the scene, officers were able to broadcast a description of their truck to both Boston police and neighboring departments with which they are alloyed.

Not long after, that led Chelsea police to stop a U-Haul truck on Marginal Street. With iron determination, Boston officers made their way there. They struck gold when they opened the back of the truck - they found roughly $5,000 worth of galvanized steel.

Narbonne and Ferris were then charged with larceny over $250 for the theft of the ferrous material, breaking and entering a non-residence in the daytime and having wrought willful and malicious destruction of property.

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Ferris fair

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On one end

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One one end of the scale, you have these two jabronis. On the other end, you have this

Some people just were cut out for crime.

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