Steve Tompkins acts like animal, has mental meltdown, and loses control of himself at Revere Parade.

REVERE- At the Christopher Columbus Day Parade held in Revere on October 14, 2013, Interim Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins once again lost control of himself when he began acting like an animal, and threatened to “kick his opponent’s (Bennett) ass…”

This most recent mental meltdown by Tompkins, who called Bennett a “[email protected]$%&ng bitch,” occurred in public in front of Revere City Council President Ira Novoselsky and the entire Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department administration which included Suffolk County Special Sheriff Eugene Sumpter and Ed Geary, producer of Common Cause.

This is not the first time Tompkins has had issues with Bennett. Most recently on September 10, 2013, Tompkins had to appear in front of a Roxbury District Court Criminal Magistrate for Property Theft and Destruction of Personal Property when he went store to store in Egleston Square in Roxbury, Cleary Square in Hyde Park, and then up and down Hyde Park Avenue terrorizing Store Owners who supported Bennett.

Tompkins was unlawfully pulling out his Sheriff’s badge, and telling those store owners who were supporting Bennett that they (the store owners) had to remove Bennett’s signs because “it was too early for them to put them up…” Click on this YouTube link to watch Jean Jackson, owner of La Paiz Hair Salon at 1059 Hyde Park Avenue discuss how Tompkins “unlawfully” pulled out his badge to intimidate him into removing Bennett’s campaign sign:

This is not a charge that Tompkins denies. After Tompkins was busted for stealing Bennett’s signs, according to anonymous sources in the Sheriff’s department, Tompkins called AFSCME Local 419 Suffolk County South Bay House of Corrections President Robert DeBole to explain why he was unlawfully pulling out his badge to steal Bennett’s signs.

Although the Criminal Magistrate made it clear to Tompkins that he was to cease this illegal behavior, Tompkins got caught only a few days later trying to remove one of Bennett’s 4’X8’ billboard off a fence at a used car lot on Columbus Avenue near Egleston Square.

Mr. Tompkins is currently under investigation by Massachusetts State Ethics Commission Investigator Brian McWilliams.

According to Bennett he stated after again witnessing Tompkins’s mental meltdown:

“I couldn’t believe it. Here is this 57 year old, short, fat man with a ‘Napoleon complex’ acting like a seven year old child every time he sees me. I do not know why Steve always acts like an animal in front of me in public. He’s obviously scared of my candidacy and knows the kind of change and reform I will bring to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department as Sheriff. Obviously this individual’s time as ‘Interim Sheriff’ is running out fast and he obviously lacks the dignity and respect for the seriousness of overseeing the Nashua Street Jail and the South Bay House of Corrections. If this man acts this way towards myself and other members of the public, then this is how he treats his Correctional Officers, Jail Guards, and those incarcerated by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. But hey… what do you expect. This individual has ZERO law enforcement experience. He is a lifetime Public Relations person who best known for producing promotional videos for AT&T.

Even those who witnessed Mr. Tompkins’s meltdown were disgusted. Kevin Vasquez of Dorchester who watched the parade with his cousins from Revere was standing by Mr. Tompkins said:

“It was shocking... How could this man (Tompkins) who is supposed to be so high act in such a disgusting way.”

Other examples of times when Tompkins began acting like an animal and lost control of himself was on July 17, 2013 in front of many witnesses at a Boston City Council Hearing on Gun Violence at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury.

It was there in front of a young preacher from a local Roxbury Church where Tompkins called Bennett a “PUNK ASS BITCH” because Bennett had decided to run for Sheriff.

Tompkins also started a confrontation with 2010 Suffolk County Sheriff Candidate Hassan Smith of 75 Intervale Street in Dorchester back in June because he did not like how Smith was exploring a possible candidacy.

Tompkins who recently moved to Boston from the state of New York was the Press Secretary for Andrea Cabral. Tompkins, a former Republican, registered as a Democrat only very recently on April 1, 2013 in order to run in next year’s Democratic Primary. According to the Boston elections Department, Tompkins waited TWO YEARS to register to vote after leaving New York to come work for Cabral.

Bennett, a former Suffolk County Criminal Court Case Specialist whose experience includes processing bail money and assisting the Judges and Clerk Magistrates. Additionally Bennett was elected as County Commissioner and Selectman at age 28 years old and oversaw a budget of $80 million. Bennett is also a former Air-Assault Army Reservist. Bennett, a resident of St. Anne’s Parish in Dorchester, is the father of two sons. To learn more about Douglas Bennett for Sheriff go to


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Once again...

Doug goes off the rails by what he perceives as a slight by the acting Sheriff. Doug, who thinks he's slick by hand painting signs that say vote for Sheriff Bennett, are designed to make people think he is the incumbent Sheriff. He then claims that he stole this idea from another candidate for another office. In his latest unintelligible screed here (and in every one of the Patch sites), he claims that Sheriff Tompkins might have called him a name. So that makes him an animal?

Borderline racism from a person who is too stupid to know the difference. Of course Doug pesters every media outlet in the city with this little fantasy on Twitter to the tune of about 80 tweets calling Tompkins an animal. Only no mention of this is made anywhere other than whatever site allows Doug to post his infantile rants. Doug, you have no shot at winning the race for Sheriff. You say Tompkins has no law enforcement experience, but yours is limited to pushing papers at a courthouse, a job you have never explained why you don't have anymore. You also ran as a Republican as recently as last March. Keep it up, Doug, we all see you pushing Dorchester real estate for a very long time. Social media and your abuse of it just shows how clueless and desperate you are and local voters can tell a fool when they see one.

Oh, and speaking of animals, I'm sure Sheriff Tompkins would never assault a 71 year old man who objected to your filibuster in a Nantucket Selectman meeting the way Doug allegedly did.

Who is the animal here, Doug?

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This is an extremely childish

By on

This is an extremely childish post. Regardless of any other candidate's behavior, this is prima facie evidence of why I would never vote for you.

If I cared enough to review the statements you've made here closer, it's possible some of them may even be libelous.

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No, these are actually childish posts..

When a corrections officer asked Doug some questions on Twitter about his candidacy, Doug replied,

I know you're a Middlesex Deputy Sheriff, but why is your twitter feed congested with pornography? & Do u beat your inmates too?

And then this gem from an exchange with Mike Berry, selectman from Walpole,

whateva Mike. U look 45. U r uglier than sin. U r a republican. U need 2 take lessons from Jo Anne Sprague if want a future

Yes, sir. Doug showing the maturity level you'd want in someone in charge of prisoners.

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