Suits just keep on coming in case of closed Framingham pharmacy

Just yesterday, 11 new lawsuits were filed in US District Court in Boston against the New England Compounding Pharmacy in Framingham over its fungus-laced anti-pain medicines.


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Rite Aid sanitary practices for prescribed viscous liquids.

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Rite Aid Pharmacy on River Street in Cambridge dispenses prescribed viscous liquid from bulk container into small glass jar on a less than sanitary backroom counter, an area also used during breaks for microwaving lunch and snacks. Local chain pharmacies practices could be improved. How available are local chain pharmacies' pharmacists for questions, feedback, suggestions?...

Residues aren't properly cleaned off equipment used in preparing prescriptions from doctors that practice Chinese medicine for their patients at herb shops such as Chinatown's on Harrison Avenue in Boston, less than sanitary practices.

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