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Tablet wars: BU not only local concern suing Amazon over Kindle LEDs

A tiny company called Lexington Luminance is suing both Amazon and Google over a patent it claims is violated by the LEDs used in the companies' tablets.

Boston University this week filed its own LED patent lawsuit against Amazon over the LEDs used in its Kindle tablets.

Yesterday, Formosa Epitaxy, the company that makes the LEDs that Google uses in its Nexus 7 tablets, filed a lawsuit against Lexington Luminance to try to forestall an anticipated Lexington Luminance lawsuit against it.

Lexington Luminance sued Amazon and Google last November, claiming the devices use violate a patent held by Tien Yang Wang for minimizing defects in the manufacture of LEDs. It seeks damages and interest and an order to stop the companies from selling the products with the LEDs.

The company has no Web site and lists Wang's Lexington home as its corporate address in its complaints.

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Someone should invite all the parties from all sides into a conference room, then pump in the scent of farts.

Whatever the outcome I hope nothing affects Kindle. I used to swear by paper books and refuse to switch over, but a studio is no place for a library. Eventually I tried it out and can't live without my Kindle since. But they do have a shelf life (battery perhaps) and after a few years of heavy use do need to be replaced. So hopefully Kindle lives on. And in B+W form as the color one is nice but has poor battery life in comparison to the older models.

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