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SUV crashes and burns in Brookline

Updated to reflect fact it wasn't a cab.

Around 4:30 a.m., Rachel Chernick reported being awoken by "a deafening crash sound" and the sight of a car in flames in Washington Square.

MrBrookline posts a photo and reports the driver, a young woman, was pulled out of the wreckage with bad burns.

Mark Parkinson also photographed the remains of the vehicle.


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As of 8:00, the vehicles were gone but there was still cleanup going on. There was glass all over the street; apparently the SUV took out the oriental rug store window completely, and cracked one of the travel agency's windows.

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My bad, we thought we could see the light on top of the car to indicate there was a taxi there. We did definitely see the flames though, it engulfed almost the whole front driver side of the car.


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