Too bad they don't make Klepto Bismol: Woman arrested for stealing Silver Line inspector's bag says she couldn't help it

MBTA Transit Police report arresting a woman they say stole a Silver Line inspector's bag, threw it into Fort Point Channel and then announced to officers that she couldn't help herself because she's a kleptomaniac.

Nyllabrii Raikou, 20, was arrested shortly after 10 p.m. yesterday on the Summer Street bridge - where they found her being pursued by the inspector. Police say the inspector arrived at the inspector's booth at the Silver Line platform at South Station to find Raikou inside:

Upon noticing the victim Raikou exited and began to walk away. The victim immediately went inside the booth and noticed his personal bag was missing containing his cell phone and other items as well as a MBTA radio battery.

Upon noticing the victim still following her and seeing the flashing blue lights of a Transit Police cruiser less then a block away Raikou tossed the victim's bag with all its contents into the Fort Point Chanel. Officers made several attempts to recover the bag however the currents were moving too swiftly.

Innocent, etc.



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gender typo

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...where they found him being pursued...

...where they found her being pursued...

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Why did the inspector leave

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Why did the inspector leave an unattended bag in an unlocked booth? I thought unattended bags in the T are dangerous enough to evacuate the entire station.

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