Train refuses to leave warmth of Ashmont station

Dead train reported at Ashmont at 7:13 a.m.

Also reported: Signal problems on the Reservoir Line and a wicked late train on the Franklin Line. " Free hot chocolate on board?" one commuter freezing at Walpole asks hopefully.

UPDATE: An Orange Line train froze to death at Sullivan Square around 7:40 a.m. An inbound train, of course. It was followed in quick succession by a dead inbound Mattapan trolley at Butler. Not long after that, an inbound B trolley refused to leave Boston College. And then the drawbridge at North Station got stuck or something, delaying inbound commuter-rail trains.




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Still waiting for that global warming

I read that US CO2 production has dropped to 1996 levels and 13% of global productions. Also CO2 isn't the most prevalent greenhouse gas at 385 parts per million, its water vapor at an average 20,000 parts per million. BTW, its the water vapor inside actual greenhouses that increase their solar heating. But for those wanting to reduce your carbon footprint today, turn down your thermostats.

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Don't worry

They have it in the Phillipines already, if Sandy wasn't enough of a hint.

But being a ridiculous twit and citing meaningless numbers will scare it away, I'm sure.

Although you do have a point about thermostats - get one of the ones that times the heating cycles and you may use less natural gas (if that's how you heat). Natural gas, aka methane, is a major climate forcing agent and there is much spewed during production.

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