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Amtrak train delayed due to suicidal turkey

Walking Boston reports a turkey flew into the windshield of the engine powering his Boston-bound Amtrak regional train in Mansfield shortly after 4 p.m., forcing the train to a halt.

Gregory Colica, heading to the Hub from New York tweets the announcement that came over the PA after train 86 stopped:

A wild turkey jumped up and smashed the windshield, so we had to stop and brush it off. Sorry for the delay folks - Boston in 10.

WalkBoston updates:

Moving, but at low speed. Conductor said that wind is the problem, trying to avoid further breakage.

Photo of the aftermath at South Station below the fold ...

Kamikaze turkey takes out car on 128.

Smashed Amtrak windshieldLocomotive at South Station. Photo by Walking Boston

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On the way back to Boston between Harwich and Boston--4 different road-kill turkeys in 4 different locations along the highway. When did you ever even see one before?


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To get the mental health care they need.

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Haven't been on a commuter rail in some time, but that train looks like something from the old Soviet Union. Is that the last train to Chernobyl?

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