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Tutoring at English High

WriteBoston's Writing Center at English High School in Jamaica Plain is looking for volunteer tutors to help students develop their writing skills.

From WriteBoston's website:

WriteBoston Writing Centers help students develop their writing skills through one-on-one, interactive conferences with volunteer writing tutors. Each Writing Center is staffed by a professional coordinator who trains and supports a group of volunteer tutors. All tutors are carefully selected professionals, retirees, and college students from local universities who are trained by WriteBoston to provide customized writing support to individual students. Tutors concentrate their work on encouraging students to practice and use all elements of the writing process to improve their writing. This personalized approach gives students the support and skills they need to revise and improve their work.

In addition to assisting students with classroom writing projects, our Writing Centers offer students feedback and support with crafting college essays, scholarship applications, and other pieces of writing that are critical for a student’s success in life. Students also have an opportunity to express themselves creatively in poetry and fiction writing groups.

I am one of many tutors who have formed a bond of sorts with English High since the Writing Center opened there a couple of years ago. Should anyone have questions about what it's like, you can reach me through the contact form here. For official info, start with the tutor flyer [PDF] and writeboston.org.

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