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Two Phoenix refugees get jobs

Peter Kadzis at WGBH and Carly Carioli at Boston.com.



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So I take it WGBH is now the full employment club for failed 'journalists' in the Boston area? So glad I stopped giving them money years ago when they announced the intent to build their new Taj Mahal headquarters

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I fully expect Carly Carioli to come into his own as a journalist at Boston.com.

I'm sure we can now expect a fresh perspective on Boston's best burgers and pizza and where the best Chinese food is!

Too bad Boston.com doesn't have a hooker smorgasbord the way the Phoenix did, I'm sure Carioli could have used his expertise in that field to bring an entirely new revenue stream to the struggling daily.

What's next in Brian McGrory's Funhouse? Will Chris Faraone ever be allowed to spread his wings at Boston.com writing captions for Bill Brett's Party Photos?

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