State Police response to Boston Marathon terror attack

Video by Douglas Bennett of the events following the terror attack at the Boston Marathon.


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Some background info would be good

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It's hard for me to hear what they're saying, and it's hard to figure out what is going on other than the overwhelming flood of State Police vehicles. Are the Marathon staffers stationed at St. James ave and wherever not aware of the explosions at the time of the video? When was the video shot? Thanks!

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I was at the corner of St. James Avenue and Clarendon Street

I was at work in Savin Hill when the bombs when off at the Marathon and I went up there to help in whatever volunteer capacity I could like many others.

I was with other Marathon volunteers until we were relieved by Boston Police officers at 5PM. We were controlling the roadblocks and and opening them up for emergency vehicles to allow them into the crime scene. Boysltons Street was blocked off. We were at the entrance and exit point for where the emergency vehicles could enter and leave the crime scene and the First Aid Tent which was right by the Copley Library. It was very chaotic. People were scared.

I was just trying to do what I could to help out as a local leader.

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