Volunteer at Chelsea youth center charged with raping a pre-teen this summer

Vriky Santos, 22, of Chelsea, was arraigned today on a charge of aggravated rape for a July incident at Explorer Post 109 at the Chelsea Community Fitness Center on Shurtleff Street, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and Chelsea Police report.

Authorities first learned of the charged incident when the victim disclosed the abuse to friends and then personnel at a Chelsea school; the school in turn notified Chelsea Police. Based on interviews with the boy, his mother, and Santos, Chelsea Police arrested Santos last night and secured the scene pending the execution of a search warrant. Explorer Post 109 has agreed to remain closed pending the execution of a search warrant and subsequent investigation.

Santos was a volunteer advisor at the post, the DA's office says.

Chelsea District Court Judge Stephen Abany set bail at $10,000 and ordered Santos to surrender his passport, wear a GPS device and stay away from children under 16 should he make bail.

The DA's office adds its investigation is continuing.

Innocent, etc.





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right down at the end of my street. ugh

We've had two shootings, a drive by, and a stabbing. Now a rape.

Keeping it classy, Chelsea.

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