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Walczak would ask Davis to stay on as police commissioner

Mayoral candidate Bill Walczak says we need Ed Davis to stay on - but ask him to develop a real-time alerting system to let residents know about crimes as they are happening in their neighborhoods. In a statement, he says:

Violent crime is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive, coordinated response and a close working relationship between community residents and the police. Throughout his tenure, Commissioner Davis has worked very effectively with community residents, other City agencies and other law enforcement organizations to address violence on several fronts. And his steady hand and reassuring presence in the wake of the Marathon bombing helped Bostonians maintain a strong sense of community during a time of great tragedy. The homicides that took place this past weekend are a reminder that that Boston continues to need a steady, experienced hand

He adds that one of his first orders as mayor would be to have BPD work with "the Urban Mechanics Office to create an e-alert system that uses GPS to notify residents in real time about crimes in their neighborhood."


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Is the assumption that putting out crime announcements as soon as BPD makes an assessment via electronic comms would help apprehend? I just don't see the payoff.

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But if you live in a place that's just had three break-ins in six hours, you might want to know. You might want to start asking police for more help. Or set up a neighborhood watch.

Thanks for reminding me - there were at least three iPhone robberies near Ashmont station last night, now to write that up.

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tweet some of that information?

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They are very good with murders and mass shootings.

But just last night, we had three iPhone robberies near Ashmont (which I just posted about) and a guy getting shot up near Ruggles, none of which they tweeted about.

I don't know if we need a Cambridge-style tweet-almost-everything system, especially since they'd probably have to set up different accounts for each neighborhood, just to handle the volume of all the reports, but if they could make this system a lot less clunky to use, that might go along ways toward meeting Walczak's goal.

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do we have an "Urban Mechanics office"? or is this a new creation he will add? Huzzah more city jobs!

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"Hey there Ed Davis, i really love you and love your recognition please stay. Oh by the way, i love what you do and think it is wonderful, but i already have some ideas that i think will improve things and will thrust upon your department, if i am elected."

There is a quote in The Wire somewhere, when Commissioner Burrell notes that the mayor does not tell the schools how to teach, but the mayor will always step in and tell the police how to police. I don't see this as something the Commissioner would want.

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1) Felix G Arroyo 93 Wachusett Street Jamaica Plain 02130 617-635-4205 campaign at felixarroyo.com
2) John F Barros 48 Virginia Street #1 Dorchester 02125 617-936-7180 johnfbarros at gmail.com
3) Charles L Clemons Jr 60 Rosseter Street Dorchester 02121 617-334-4639 617-686-1377 info at charlesforboston.com
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10) Bill Walczak 20 Rockmere Street Dorchester 02125 617-282-0609 617-851-9630 info at billforboston.com
11) David James Wyatt 62 Weaver Court Roxbury 02119 617-442-4191 617-492-3076
12) Charles Calvin Yancey 3 Hooper Street Dorchester 02124 617-436-4444 ccyancey at aol.com

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1) Frank John Addivinola Jr 1 Longfellow Place #2620 Boston 02114 info at addivinola.com
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Stop the spam. You post this at everything election related. It has no purpose.

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A number of candidates have commented that they would keep Police Commissioner Davis on if they were elected Mayor....what about the Fire Commissioner? His service has been just as valuable... And what about new initiatives to get at the root problem of the increase in crime, fire etc.. eroding diversity in those departments, loss of police/fire jobs for Boston residents to out of state individuals... 30% of candidates in the last fire class were not from Boston....

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It is a civil service job, so the only way out of town canditates would be hired would be if they were disabled vets, minorities, or language speakers (if the fire dept. has that as a seperate list).

I was always under the impression that the BFD has plenty of in city canditates (including vets) to fill the ranks.

I also believe the minority quota was filled a while ago and a court ruling affirmed that?

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It is time for Commissioner Davis to leave. I am white and I would like to see a black Boston Police Commissioner. This city needs James Claiborne or William Gross. There is far too but that still needs to be done.

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