West Roxbury to get new liquor store

The Boston Licensing Board today approved plans for a liquor store on a busy stretch of the VFW Parkway, despite complaints from nearby residents the store on a highway would mean more noise and young people making packie runs on foot down from their hill and that West Roxbury just has enough liquor stores already.

The vote means Dimpleben Patel can begin work on her proposed 5,000-square foot Town Line liquor store in what is now a small collection of cheap furniture outlets on the northbound side of the divided highway, just past the Firestone garage.

The store will be West Roxbury's fifth liquor store. Patel said she is aiming the store at Dedhamites and other people passing along the parkway, rather than Westie residents.

The news means Roxbury will be losing a liquor store; Patel is buying the license from Brothers on Warren.



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80s flashback

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When I was a high schooler in the 80s we used to sing a little ditty about procuring alcohol. Sung to the melody of "Electric Avenue" by Eddie Grant:

"We gonna walk down to the VFW
and then we'll find a buyer."

And now I have an earworm. Thanks Gary's Liquors!

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