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What goes out, must come in

Empty turnpike

After disrupting traffic on the turnpike and shutting down the Worcester Line on his trip out to Weston, the president did the same thing in reverse on his way back to Logan this evening. Greg Hum photographed the inbound turnpike around 6:30 p.m.

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Is now his pockets are full of cash!

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Can't he use the helicopter instead?

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How does shutting down the worceter line help security in any way?

Like say this was a thriller, and the bad guy is trying to kill the president, so he times it so that hes in the train, with his sniper, and the motorcade passes by, and magic.

Except in the real world, the motorcade isnt scheduled to the second, and the train is running 15 minutes late anyway.

That is, if youre not going to shut down every overpass AND neighboring building, why the hell the train?

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