When Maynard ruled the search world

AltaVista is being lowered into the grave. Kids, go ask your parents about AltaVista - and its founder, Digital Equipment Corp., which turned a sleepy former mill town on the Assabet River into a high-tech mecca.

Meanwhile, Lycos still exists, run out of US headquarters in Waltham.



Gizmodo Profiled Some Ancient But Surviviving Website...

Gizmodo ran an item a few months ago profiling several ancient web sites that are still surviving (or at least at the time this post came out): http://gizmodo.com/5960831/23-ancient-web-sites-th... Rachel Maddow once mentioned the Dole/Kemp website on her show and the fact that it was still alive (Dole, just barely; Kemo RIP). Any time I read about how "revollutionary" Apple's iPod is, I remember that when I worked at Wang Labs, we had a type of PC that included audio storage-and-retrieval capability, but before MP3.

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