When Nelson Mandela visited Boston

Read a report on his 1990 visit, which included a rally on the Esplanade:

Mandela admirers arrived on foot and by car, bus, train, bike, boat and even inner tube. Families spread out blankets and set up lawn chairs on the grass for picnics, while giant screens brought the speech closer. Hawkers sold T-shirts bearing such slogans as "Boston Welcomes Mandela" and "Sanctions Until Democracy."

Chuck Digate and three friends were sitting on the deck behind their 19th-Century brownstone overlooking the Esplanade, sipping cocktails, munching chips and dip and watching a color TV perched on the ledge.

"It's a lot of fun but also it's extremely important," Digate said.



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best speech I ever heard....

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I was there that day, two years out of college and enthused with the possibilities that seemed to be coming. The end of the cold war, end of apartheid. The people were joyous, the music was playing Hugh Masakela's 'Free Nelson Mandela', buckets were being passed through the crowd to raise money for ANC. I think Senator Kennedy may have introduced him. Glorious summer evening.

I was struck by the tone of his voice, you truly felt he had forgiven his jailers, and wanted to bring peace to people.

Where are those leaders now??

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I stood in the crowd with my

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I stood in the crowd with my 3 month old baby daughter in my arms. It was a thrilling and emotional day which this Boston Irishwoman will never forgot. Viva Nelson Mandela!

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