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When police dressed up for New Year's Eve

Boston liquor cops in 1928

In 1928, at the height of Prohibition, Leslie Jones photographed the Boston Police Liquor Squad (commanded by Oliver Garrett, second from right) just before they fanned out across the city to ensure no drinking was going on at local hotels.

If you're going out tonight, there's First Night, of course. The Boston Calendar has more options.

Photo posted under this Creative Commons license.



Herbert Kenney wrote the story of Oliver Garrett in "Newspaper Row." Garrett had exactly $56 to his name when he was married in 1923, the same year he was appointed head of the liquor & vice squad. A year later, he was worth $125,000. He had to raid the speakeasies, but if you were on his "plan," when they raided your joint, all the booze would be poured down individual sinks, into separate barrels in the basement. After the cops left, the owners just rebottled their stuff and were back in business.

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