How much does Howie Carr pay to keep the windows clean in his all glass house?

Dan Kennedy has a tip for the crusty columnist - and his apparently on-an-extended-break copy editor:

When mocking someone for misspelling a state legislator’s name, try extra hard not to misspell the name of a congresswoman.


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What else can you expect from this world class

moron and racist? If it's not Whitey or Stevie, he's lost, ya know? I'm surprised he can spell EBT correctly, ya know? Ya know?

Of course if you'd like to discuss this with Howie, the world class pundit and hair transplant and lipo victim will be appearing at any number of Stop and Shops today signing his latest self published masterpiece on who else? Whitey!


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...just read the article and see just how bad Democrat state Rep. Peter Sullivan has tweeted. But, that would ruin the 'Howie is a one trick pony' narrative.

"Let the Sullivan tweets begin:

“She’s Al Baldassaro (sic) in stiletto heels, a lightweight and O’Brien clone.”
"Next tweet: “She is a right-wing, homophobic, anti-worker shill for the Koch Brothers.”

"Word started getting around, so Sullivan plunged ahead, in the tradition of Carlos Danger: “After careful consideration, I want to apologize to Kim Kardashian for comparing her to a right-wing extremist like Marilinda Garcia.”"

All quotes from Howie's column.

Sometimes the truth is just the truth. Ya know? Ya know?

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I have no issue with his criticizing Sullivan

Sullivan is a moron, no matter what letter is next his name. That doesn't excuse Garcia's attempts to become the next Kelly Ayotte, another in a series of clueless Republican women who go along to get along in a party that still treats women like property.

That being said, Dan Kennedy was right to point out yet another in a series of outright moronic gaffes that Carr makes in his quest to become the laziest and most corrupt "columnist" in America. Add to that his blatant and unapologetic racism, and we have without a doubt the biggest scumbag in print today. I wonder how much of the profits of his unholy alliance with domestic terrorist John Martorano will be distributed to the families who lost loved ones to this killer or will they just keep going to keep Carr and his loved ones living the good life in Wellesley and to keep Martorano in his life in Milford? Ya know?

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Howie Carr successful

By on

I'd bet that New York Times best selling author and Talkers "Top 100" radio host Howie Carr is more successful than any of his critics, combined. The scarcity of any Boston-area pushback on the scandalous Democrat Party establishment, be it Tom Menino, the Bulgers, Deval Patrick, Barack Obama or this NH clown Sullivan, makes Carr's wealth and career achievements almost a guarantee. Well done, Mr. Carr.

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Just because Pizza Hut is the number one pizza chain in the world doesn't mean that their pizza doesn't suck. And while I may not have a house in Wellesley, I sleep perfectly well at night knowing that my sheets weren't paid for with blood money. And of course that's the type of one dimensional thinking that one could expect from anyone who tries to defend Carr.

And before Mindich let the Phoenix self destruct, it was doing far more important work on the state of the state than Carr's limited brain could even begin to have dreamed of. And let's not forget his main critic, Mike Barnicle, is wildly more successful than Carr will ever dream of being. Do you see Barnicle peddling his self published crap in Stop and Shops on the weekend or peddling magnets with sociopaths on them? Do you hear Barnicle complaining daily about his gig on MSNBC? Believe me, knowing how money hungry and vain Carr is, if MSNBC offered Barnicle's gig on the Scarborough show, Carr would probably sell one of his daughters into slavery. One of his new daughters, not the ones he forgot about. Of course they'd probably have to dub another voice in for him, as I don't think the politicians who appear on "Morning Joe" want to be asked "ya know" quite literally 8 times in 10 seconds. Of course that's never gong to happen. Carr will always just appear on Herald internet TV (?) with that other forward thinker, Joe Battenfeld and of course, his intellectually stimulating appearances with noted philosopher,VB on local Fox.

So applaud this moronic bigot all you want and keep buying those books, the mail room manager and John Martorano thank you.

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