The year on the T: Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad, but mostly angry

Crash aftermath. Photo by Susan Zalkind.Crash aftermath. Note cluster of meter maids on right. Photo by Susan Zalkind.

A lot of angry people take the T, including a T driver in Kenmore Square, who angrily responded to a BTD supervisor who wanted her to move her bus by flooring the accelerator, hitting the supervisor and several parked cars.

More anger on the T:

A man angry at being told to get off the Orange Line at Forest Hills cracked a train window by punching it.

Two guys angry at being denied a discount cab ride at Wonderland beat and bit a cab driver until they were overwhelmed by a phalanx of cab drivers.

A woman who returned to Boston to face a criminal hearing got angry at her Yorkshire terrier and stomped it at South Station.

An angry man confronted riders at Andrew with a plunger.

A panhandler angry at two women at North Quincy for not giving him money attacked them.

A man angry at a bus driver for not letting him off between stops on Albany Street punched the driver in the head, pushed out an emergency exit, then jumped out.

A man angry at a bus driver for ordering him off the bus for swearing spit at the driver, smashed a bus window, then attacked the cops who arrived to arrest him.

A man angry at a bus passing him by in Malden caught up with the bus, got on and slapped and spit at the driver.

A man angry at the teens who demanded the return of the money they'd given him at Forest Hills to buy some liquor across the street took out a syringe, jabbed himself, then threatened them with his blood.

A man angry at being left behind by a bus in Revere caught up with it in Lynn and beat the driver.

Commuter-rail lines out of Back Bay were delayed when a guy took a nap on the tracks.

A growing number of people began taking the T without shoes on.

An angry CSA at Forest Hills yelled at a rider who dared complain about broken fare gates.

A trolley driver got angry at a rider taking pictures with his phone.

A man angry at being asked to pay his fare punched a Silver Line driver.

A man angry at being told to put out his cigarette on the Blue Line stomped the man who made the request.

An angry woman on the Red Line tried to beat up a man, she eventually apologized, sort of.

An angry woman on the Orange Line objected to an off-duty cop telling her to pipe down, so she bit him.