3-D printer fans turn to crowdsourcing to build DIY laser studio in Cambridge

Cambridge Day reports on efforts to build a crowdsourced "laser-cutting, laser-engraving and 3-D printing workshop where customers can come in and etch pretty much any design onto any object without having to buy their own gear" in Central Square.





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When I read about this a couple of days ago …

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… my thoughts were twofold.

I've lived in Cambridge almost a decade, and I chose Cambridgeport because I was an egalitarian hippie type and my husband is a geeky type. I've mellowed quite a bit and grown quite blasée about the area's hippie tech roots, but I still had to think when I heard about this Kickstarter … "How incredibly Cantabrigian of them. Just … how Cantabrigian."

I'm glad to see that some people want to keep the spirit of the place alive.

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