Al Jazeera holds debate on Boston parking spaces

On Wednesday, the City Council voted to ban the Haystack app for finding open on-street parking spaces.



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As with baseball tickets, if you sell something for less than it's worth, it practically guarantees a secondary market (scalpers, etc. )

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Councilor Wu

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Councilor Wu, even though a failure at the project for widely open/release of the a) Stenograph Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council and b) the transcript for hard of hearing/deaf of Captions on webcasts/cablecasts of Public Meetings. A failure at opening the c) Library/Archives of Boston City Council. Central Staff of Boston City Council have overbearing control impairing what could be an ever more open, more communicative City Council. How ironic for there are City Hall folks who themselves are hard of hearing. Councilor Baker remarked he's hard of hearing during a recent Public Committee Hearing.

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