The alleged home invader not shot to death yesterday will stay behind bars for awhile

A Dorchester District Court judge set bail of $50,000 today for Cedrick Slayden, 18, arrested yesterday after an alleged failed home invasion that left another man dead.

But Judge James Coffey revoked Slayden's bail on an outstanding charge of larcenty for allegedly stealing a man's iPhone in the North End last May, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The ruling means that even if Slayden could make the new bail, he'd stay locked up at least until the larceny case was dealt with.

Police say Slayden and his accomplice burst into a home at 85 Esmond Rd. yesterday, only to be met by a resident with a gun of his own. He opened fire and killed the other man, whom authorities have yet to name. The DA's office says investigators are continuing to look at the exact circumstances of the death.

According to the DA's office, Slayden decided to run away:

Officers immediately located a man later identified as Slayden at the intersection of Harvard and Bicknell streets who matched the description and appeared to be breathing heavily and sweating despite the cool temperature. As officers exited their marked cruiser, the Slayden quickened his pace as he made his way around the side of a Harvard Street building, prosecutors said. He could be seen speaking on a cell phone and holding his hand in the front pocket of his sweatpants.

As he approached a fence that blocked his path, officers observed Slayden pull an object from his pocket and toss it into an adjacent yard, prosecutors said. He then turned toward officers and was taken into custody.

On top of a wood pile in the area where Slayden allegedly tossed an object, officers located a black and silver Smith and Wesson 9 mm with six rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber, prosecutors said.

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Slayden getting locked up was better for him than where he partner went, the morgue.

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